$8 MillionBrain-Damaged Premature Infant/Baby
$5 MillionHeparin Drug Overdose and Improper Endocarditis Treatment
$4.9 MillionDelayed Delivery with Infant Brain Damage
$3 MillionImproper Surgery with Bleeding Disorder
$2.2 MillionCervical Surgery with Improper Extubation and Anoxic Brain Injury
$1.0 MillionInfection with Kidney Failure and Renal Transplantation
$1.0 MillionRespiratory Distress with Cardiac Arrest and Death

Physician-Attorneys (M.D./J.D.) Representing Injured Residents of Pennsylvania & New Jersey

If you suffered injuries due to improper medical care or another person’s negligent acts, you should not hesitate to pursue the compensation that you need for your recovery. As your first step, you should retain an attorney who possesses the skills and experience needed to help you seek a successful outcome – one who is both a physician and an attorney. Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer Leon Aussprung, MD, Esquire, the founding member of the Law Office of Leon Aussprung MD, LLC, is an aggressive advocate for his clients. His record shows that he is adept at obtaining outstanding results on their behalf. He has recovered many multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts in medical malpractice and personal injury cases, and he is routinely named as one of the top attorneys in Pennsylvania by Super Lawyers and was a Pennsylvania Top 100 attorney in 2019.

In addition to being proficient at handling all types of personal injury claims, Mr. Aussprung is uniquely qualified to handle medical malpractice cases and any personal injury case with medical issues. He was a board-certified physician (pediatrician) for 14 years prior to becoming a practicing attorney. Thus, Mr. Aussprung not only understands the legal aspects of any medical malpractice case but also can provide valuable insights regarding its complex medical aspects. The Law Office of Leon Aussprung MD, LLC is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We represent people in personal injury and medical malpractice cases in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Scranton, Allentown, Lancaster, Reading, Bethlehem, State College, and other cities throughout Pennsylvania, as well as in New Jersey.

Medical Malpractice

People rely on doctors and other health care professionals to provide thorough and suitable care, but providers frequently render inappropriate treatment, causing harm to the person whom the treatment was meant to help. If you suffered injuries due to improper care, a Philadelphia medical malpractice attorney can help you pursue a claim against your provider. To prevail in a medical malpractice claim under Pennsylvania law, you must show that the defendant’s treatment breached the applicable standard of care and that the breach caused your harm. Medical malpractice cases are more complex than many other civil cases and should be handled by an attorney who thoroughly understands their nuances. Attorney Leon Aussprung, MD is particularly well-suited for such cases as a medical doctor with decades of medical experience.

Birth Injuries

Few things are as exciting as the birth of a child, and few things are as devastating as knowing that a child who should have been healthy will suffer from lifelong disabilities due to a birth injury. Birth injuries can result in significant medical expenses, which may include care throughout the child’s life and adaptive devices. They are commonly caused by a failure to diagnose or treat a condition properly or a failure to deliver a child in a timely manner. If your child sustained an injury at birth due to a physician’s incompetent care, you should speak to a seasoned medical malpractice lawyer in the Philadelphia area to discuss the damages that you may be able to recover. As a former pediatrician, Attonrey Leon Aussprung MD is ideally positioned with the knowledge and expertise to evaluate and litigate birth injury cases.

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims typically arise when a person suffers harm due to the negligence of another person or entity. An accident can cause you to incur significant medical expenses and may render you unable to earn an income, either temporarily or permanently. By bringing a claim, you may be able to recover damages for the economic losses caused by your injury, as well as the pain and suffering that you endured. It is important to act promptly, since personal injury claims must be filed within two years of the date of the alleged harm. Personal injury cases frequently involve complex medical issues and Attorney-Physician Leon Aussprung, MD brings unique knowledge and expertise to such cases.

Car Accidents

Hundreds of car accidents occur throughout Pennsylvania each day, and the majority of these accidents are caused by negligent driving. Most lawsuits that arise out of car accidents set forth a negligence claim against the driver who caused the accident. To recover compensation from a driver under a negligence claim, you must prove that the driver owed you a duty of care, which he or she breached. You must also establish that the breach caused the accident to occur and that you suffered actual damages because of the accident. Car accidents frequently involve complex medical issues and Attorney-Physician Leon Aussprung, MD brings unique knowledge and expertise to such cases.

Truck Accidents

Due to the size and weight of commercial trucks, truck accidents typically cause devastating injuries and property damage. Truck drivers must abide by the duties imposed on all drivers by the motor vehicle code, and they must also adhere to the federal motor carrier regulations if they are driving across state lines. If you sustained harm due to a truck driver’s failure to comply with the duties imposed on him or her, you may be able to recover damages from the driver, as well as the driver’s employer in many cases. Truck accident cases frequently involve complex medical issues and Attorney-Physician Leon Aussprung, MD brings unique knowledge and expertise to such cases.

Premises Liability

Property owners have a duty to maintain their property in a safe condition and must exercise reasonable care to protect people invited onto the property from dangerous conditions. Premises liability cases commonly arise out of slip and fall accidents, which may be caused by liquid or debris on the ground or by icy or snowy conditions. To prevail in a premises liability claim, you must show that the property owner knew or should have known of the condition, but the property owner failed to rectify it promptly. We can assist you in obtaining the evidence that you may need to hold the property owner liable for your harm.

Product Liability

Companies that sell consumer products have a duty to make the products safe, but unfortunately this duty is often breached, and defective products can cause serious injuries. If you were injured while using an unsafe product, you can pursue claims against anyone in the chain of distribution of the product. Product liability claims typically assert that a product was dangerous due to a design defect, a manufacturing defect, or a failure to adequately warn of the risks of using the product. Product liability cases are complex and typically require the use of one or more experts. As a physician-attorney, Leon Aussprung, MD brings unique knowledge and expertise to such cases.

Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse

People frequently entrust nursing homes with the care of older family members, expecting that attentive and appropriate care will be provided. Unfortunately, neglect and abuse are prevalent throughout nursing homes, causing harm to some of the most vulnerable members of society. State and federal laws protect nursing home residents from neglect and abuse, and nursing homes can be held liable for breaching the duties imposed by law. Signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include dehydration, bruises, broken bones, bedsores, and unexpected weight loss. If your loved one received inadequate medical care in a nursing home, moreover, our Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyers can sue the providers responsible. A doctor-lawyer like Leon Aussprung, MD will be invaluable in assessing and litigating such cases.

Sexual Abuse

If your child or you were sexually abused, you should alert the authorities so that a criminal investigation can be started. You may be able to recover damages in a civil lawsuit as well. In addition to pursuing assault and battery and intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress claims against the perpetrator of the sexual abuse, you may be able to pursue negligence claims against any parties that should have prevented the harm. These may include the abuser’s employer or the business or school where the abuse occurred.

Construction Accidents and Other Work Injuries

Construction sites typically house large machinery and building supplies, and they may require workers to move vast amounts of materials. Companies working on construction sites have a duty to provide a safe workplace to protect workers from harm. If companies do not comply with safety regulations, this can result in catastrophic injuries or even death. Recovering damages following a construction or work injury can be complicated. In some cases, injured workers are limited to recovering workers’ compensation benefits. Liability often can be imposed on third parties, however, such as the owner of the site or a manufacturer of faulty equipment. Work injuries often involve complex medical issues and future medical care needs, as a physician-attorney, Leon Aussprung, MD brings unique knowledge and expertise to such cases.

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