Careless and reckless driving, vehicle defects, poorly designed roadways, and malfunctioning traffic controls all cause devastating accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, car crashes claimed the lives of more than 36,000 people in 2018. In addition to these tragic deaths, car and truck accidents cause millions of serious injuries each year.

This means that each day, as a result of car, truck, motorcycle, and commercial vehicle accidents, parents lose children, spouses lose their companions, and individuals lose the lives they had as able-bodied people. After the trauma of an auto accident, victims and their loved ones face a complicated legal terrain and are often met with resistance when seeking full compensation from insurance companies.

You might have been a pedestrian or driving with no insurance or very limited insurance. Depending on the circumstances, a settlement might still be possible. Always discuss your specific situation with an experienced attorney.

Whether someone has been injured in a rear-end collision, multiple car accident, or an incident involving alcohol and a driver with a history of DUIs or DWIs, the victim is entitled to compensation for the hardships created by the situation. Do you need someone to fight for you because of an accident involving a car, truck, or other vehicle? Please contact our firm today for a no-obligation, no-expenses assessment.

Under the leadership of James E. Hockenberry, Esquire, who has more than 15 years of experience litigating complex personal injury cases, our skilled and knowledge

able attorney team has successfully litigated many cases involving motor vehicle accidents. They include:

  • We handled a trucking accident lawsuit involving a garage’s faulty repair of a tractor trailer’s air brakes. The brake problem resulted in a an accident with another tractor trailer towing a Heil fuel tank. That vehicle’s driver was severely burned as a result. We won a settlement of more than $500,000 for the victim.
  • When the driver of an auto was crushed by a tractor trailer on a busy interstate in Central Pennsylvania and had a head injury, fractures, and permanent facial scarring, we were able to secure a substantial settlement.

Mr. Hockenberry concentrates his practice in medical malpractice and other personal injury civil litigation, including premises liability and motor vehicle accidents, as well as civil rights claims. He has been lead trial counsel in numerous jury trials across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, from Washington County to Philadelphia.

At the Law Offices of Leon Aussprung, MD, LLC, our attorneys are highly skilled at representing individuals and families in a range of serious premises liability situations and injuries. With offices in Philadelphia and Cherry Hill, N.J., we serve families in New Jersey and across Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, Scranton, Allentown, Bethlehem, Reading, Harrisburg, Wilkes-Barre, and everything in between.

Do you need help? There is no risk to you – you pay nothing unless we are successful with your case. With these situations, we work solely on a contingency fee basis, so you have no upfront expenses during what might be the most challenging time of your life. Contact us today to learn more. Let us help you get the compensation you deserve.

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