Construction/Work Injuries

Companies generally have a duty to maintain a safe and healthy workplace for their employees, contractors, and sub-contractors. Yet, each day, catastrophic accidents occur in the workplace because companies fail to live up to that duty. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, more than 5,200 workers die each year in workplace accidents. Many more workers are seriously injured each year in non-fatal workplace accidents.

Common hazards that arise when companies disregard their duty to keep the workplace safe are falling objects, explosions, slippery surfaces, exposure to harmful substances, and dangerous conditions leading to falls from high places. Also, an overwhelming number of workers whose jobs require either driving or working on the roadway are seriously injured and killed in car and truck crashes.

Just as companies have a duty to maintain a safe and healthy workplace, manufacturers of equipment and machinery used by workers have a duty to design and produce safe products. Serious accidents occur because of negligently-designed and manufactured equipment. For instance, workers are caught in or crushed by running machinery, they lose limbs when equipment lacks necessary safety guards, they are seriously injured by falls from malfunctioning forklifts and other equipment with problematic restraints, and they are electrocuted from faulty tools or equipment.

There are also unfortunate situations where buildings and scaffolding collapse and injure or kill workers. Construction injuries can cause head injury and brain injury, may result in amputation, and can even crush workers in ways that lead to death.

Whatever the source of the hazard and whatever the nature of the harm, serious workplace injuries are devastating, oftentimes leading to a total loss of livelihood.

Under the leadership of James E. Hockenberry, Esquire, who has more than 15 years of experience litigating complex personal injury cases, our skilled and knowledgeable attorney team has successfully litigated many cases involving construction and other workplace accidents. They include a $15 million settlement on behalf of a construction worker who was injured when he fell from a scaffold.

Mr. Hockenberry concentrates his practice in personal injury civil litigation, including premises liability and motor vehicle accidents, as well as other civil rights claims along with medical malpractice. He has been lead trial counsel in numerous jury trials across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, from Washington County to Philadelphia.

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