Product Liability

The law generally requires products to be safe for their intended use, but many things can and do go wrong between the time a product is designed or manufactured and the time it finds its way into a consumer’s hands.

Sometimes the way a product is designed is the problem. For instance, construction and manufacturing equipment and other tools with revolving blades are sometimes designed without proper safety guards. This can result in serious injuries that include brain injury or severed fingers/limbs or damage that later requires amputation. Other construction-specific accidents can involve cranes, forklifts, hydraulic jacks, and scaffolding.

In other situations, products that were properly designed become dangerous because of faulty manufacturing. When a car manufacturer uses a faulty collision sensor, for example, an airbag can fail to deploy at the right time. Similarly, a fuel tank that hasn’t been designed properly can cause death or catastrophic injury during an explosion in a vehicle collision.

Products might also be unsafe because a manufacturer fails to provide proper instructions or warnings about hidden dangers. For example, when a product is flammable or toxic, manufacturers have a duty to provide clear instructions on how to properly use the product so as to avoid fire and exposure to dangerous toxins. This applies in situations where the manufacturer fails to warn users about misuses that are predictable, as well.

In these and other situations, you need qualified, experienced representation working on your behalf to make sure you receive justice.

Our product liability litigation experience includes:

Metastatic Sarcoma/Cancer After Minimally Invasive Uterine Surgery – Morcellation

Unbeknownst to many women having a minimally invasive hysterectomy, their uterus may have been “morcellated,” meaning it was cut up into very small pieces and then removed through the small incision. This morcellation process uses a variety of commercially available “morcellator” medical devices specifically designed for hysterectomies. In some hysterectomy cases, the uterus is hiding a cancerous lesion. Substantial recent evidence has revealed that using a morcellator may spread cancer throughout the abdomen and body – resulting in metastatic sarcoma/cancer. Learn more

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured or killed because of a defective product, contact Leon Aussprung, M.D., J.D., LL.M. today. There is no risk to you – you pay nothing unless we are successful with your case. With these situations, we work solely on a contingency fee basis, so you have no upfront expenses during what might be the most challenging time of your life.

Note that Dr. Aussprung has vast experience with product liability cases, fighting to secure financial rewards for victims and their families and demanding that manufactures carry out their duty to produce safe products.

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